How to Build Good Money Habits That Stick

I get asked this question a lot…  “Stephanie, how do you make good money habits stick?” The truth is, our brain cannot differentiate a good habit from a bad one, and this is why it’s hard to break long-standing habits. For example, if you’ve been so used to NOT doing …

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Four Tips To Manage Your Email

Do you remember the days when email was exciting? When you’d hear that ding and get excited for a new client or that juicy newsletter from someone you admire? Well, if that once joyful “You’ve Got Mail” feeling has been replaced by email inbox dread, the latest episode of The …

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Do you have too many tools in your toolbox?

Raise your hand if you have a drawer in your kitchen, so jammed with gadgets and tools that you can barely open it, let alone find anything useful inside. *Sheepishly raises hand* You know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s that fancy potato masher from Williams Sonoma and the cherry …

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