One small action can make an impact

One small action can make an impact. Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States and millions of voters have already cast their ballots because of exactly that. We know that our vote matters. Even though we are one in millions, our vote matters, this year more than ever before. …

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How I got permission to play bigger

I think in to-do lists and excel sheets. Clean, crisp lines and boxes and structure. When anything gets a little too vague or dreamy, I immediately get uncomfortable. I’ve told myself for years that I’m not a visionary, that I don’t think big picture, that I’m not an inspiring leader. …

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Shaping your week to achieve your vision

I tend to take on a lot, sometimes intentionally because I am driven and thrive on being super busy and engaged, but also sometimes unintentionally. I’ve told my mastermind group recently that my cup is full, and one or two more drops would make it overflow. While the strong Type …

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