The grass really IS greener on the other side

Are you a victim of bad bookkeeping? Perhaps you don’t have timely financials to review, your numbers aren’t tied up with a bow for your accountant or auditor, or maybe you’re staring down the barrel at thousands of uncategorized transactions, paralyzed with fear at how to begin. It doesn’t matter …

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Free resource list!

As I wind down my month of celebration, I’m still in a little bit of shock that this business, dreamed up in a windowless office at a very boring job, has taken on the life that it has, thanks in no small part, to our tribe of purpose-driven leaders. A …

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How to Pay Yourself Consistently

I have a confession to make. I used to be scared of spending money, including paying myself. My consulting practice was consistently bringing in a few thousand dollars a month and I was terrified of taking any money out for myself, for fear that I wouldn’t bring in another dime. …

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Frequently Asked Questions

While a text-heavy FAQ page is no replacement for a good old video chat, here are a few questions we get asked all the time and will give you an idea about our working style and how we can serve you! Do you do bookkeeping? Yes! We are not a …

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How Nonprofit Leaders Can Adopt a Growth Mindset

Have you seen the pretty scary statement from the Nonprofit Times that “most charities are teetering on financial peril”? According to this 2018 study, 50% of organizations, created to do more good in the world and serve those in need, are disappearing, dissolving, or closing up shop on a regular …

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